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The debt relief process sounds fairly simple, because it is. Depending on which type of relief you are requiring, the process is a little different.

Debt Negotiation: The debt relief company you have contacted (for example: Us) will contact the creditors you owe to and negotiate a new, lower amount owed. In doing this, your payments will be lower to said creditors. In the event you are in debt to multiple companies we can work with you to get all of the debt reduced and placed into one monthly payment through our debt consolidation process. Before you know it, you’ll see that total amount owed dropping and a huge weight will be lifted from your shoulders.

If you have hit financial hardships or you have considered filing for bankruptcy you should call us immediately before proceeding with bankruptcy or ruining your credit score. We work with thousands of clients from those with small amounts of credit card or student loan debt to clients with massive credit card debt, medical debt, and more. If you are finding it hard to reduce your debt on your own we are here to help.

The general process of debt consolidation involves us supplying our clients with a loan to pay off their current debt. This loan is then paid off by the client to us or the loan provider. Instead of multiple payments reaching staggeringly high number, one smaller payment is handled. This may take longer to pay off the amount than had our clients continued the original payment schedule to the creditor, but not all of those payment plans are fair or doable, which is why we are here.

Clients with decent credit history at the star of this program will see a small negative change in their credit score, but by the end of the process, he score will start rising. The “charge off” process is what negatively affects he credit score, but it is a short term dip for long term results.

If you still have decent credit, receiving a debt consolidation loan should be easy. Those with less than desirable credit scores are usually still eligible for debt relief through settlement plans with the creditors, but at the lower rates, consolidation loans may be easier to obtain in some cases. Most clients go through one program or another, but combinations can lead to amazing results.

By hiring professionals, you will ensure that every possible reduction of debt will be taken advantage of. Trying to receive one loan to pay off multiple debts can be difficult to obtain through a bank on your own, and negotiating a lower balance on other debts can be even harder when done by a nonprofessional. We have sources and techniques to get your debt reduced or at least brought to a much more manageable level.

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