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Our clients come to us to combine all of their unsecured debt into one low monthly payment to make setting debts simpler and less problematic. Some secured debt can also be consolidated or negotiated as well. For those with outstanding debt with multiple lenders or creditors, we work to consolidate the debt, meaning instead of paying individual bills to the multiple sources of debt, you will be left with one payment to budget for, and manage. In doing this, our customers pay less overall, and that allows for quicker and easier debt payment due to the lowered interest rates. For clients with debt they are unable to pay due to the sheer amount they owe, we work to negotiate it down to a smaller, more manageable debt, which can then be paid off with smaller payments in less time, with fewer penalties.

Our services go by many names, including: debt consolidation, debt settlement, debt reduction, and debt negotiation. While these are all types of debt relief, there are two main types: consolidation and settlement (reduction, or negotiation), but the two types can be paired up in some situations. The process involves making a settlement for a lower amount than owed (decreasing the overall debt through various lines of credit and debt) or getting one loan to pay off multiple separate debts.

No one deserves to stress and panic about overwhelming debt every day of their lives. Something may come up which caused our clients to end up in such debt, and it is incredibly stressful to live a life thinking all you have to look forward to is maybe being debt free by the end of your life. We’re here to help you start a new chapter in your life and get back on your feet. We are here to help you negotiate with the creditors to get a reduction in payment to a fair and easily managed amount.

Most clients complete this process within two to four years, depending on what the individual client is able to afford in monthly payments. Before you consider filing for bankruptcy, give us a call and we can help you get back to the lovely debt free life. Individuals or families who have hit hardship, causing trouble making credit payments, are some of our most common clients.

Consultations are usually free, and this will include a quote for he charge of our services. Before agreeing to provide our services, you will be provided with all of the fees, payment plan information, and a full review before you sign and agree to the services. We will never add hidden fees or change the payment plan or our fees without previous agreement.

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