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There are a few different types of debt relief services, the two main option being debt consolidation and debt settlement (negotiation, reduction) programs. Often times, both methods are used to achieve better and faster results.

Debt consolidation is the process of combining all of your forms of debt into owing one party instead of multiple. This is usually done through companies like us through loans. Clients are given a new loan, which has covered the outstanding debt. This new loan is then paid off. There are a wide range of payment options to suit different budgets. The more you can pay, the sooner the debt will be settled, but there are lower and longer payment options as well, based on the needs of each client. Paying the bare minimum payments isn’t ideal, but there are minimums for a reason, and it can still get you out of debt—it will just take much longer and you will be paying more interest overall.

During the settlement process, money is placed in a FDIC insured savings account monthly, based on the agreed upon amount. This number is based on income, debt, and budget. In instances where consolidation and negotiation are both being applied, the negotiated total of all debt will be paid.

Short term settlements are paid over time, but a lump sum option is also available—which will settle the debt quickly. While many clients are not able to pay the lump sum at one time, some clients are able to when the debt is lowered significantly (since we can often lower debt from 40- 60%).

Debt settlement (negotiation/reduction) primarily involves renegotiations of the amount owed to the creditor(s). This is a great option for those who have found themselves in a situation where they have become overwhelmed with payments and may not be able to get a reasonable loan to cover the debt. We negotiate a new, lower debt owed with the creditor(s) to a lower amount, which will make it easier to pay of your debt. Some people are able to do this on their own by dealing directly with the creditor, but we are experienced in this and we know how to best discuss options with those you owe. Leaving it to the professionals guarantees you will get the lowest possible rates and payment totals. Most debt settlement clients still make the payments directly to the creditors originally owed, but debt consolidation can still be applied to this method.

Avoiding debt consultation or debt counseling is ideal. While debt counseling is always an option, they are directly working with credit companies and profiting greatly from working with you and the creditors, meaning they are not doing this to help you, but simply to profit. Our services are intended to help you out with the honestly best options available. While there are fees paid to us, overall you still pay considerably less throughout the payment process than working on your own or with counselors.

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