Debt Relief Pros & Cons

Anything dealing with debt can be scary and intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. We have talked about what debt relief services are, and now we’ll give you the honest truth as to how it is a positive and negative thing to better help you make the final decision.


  • Lower the total amount of debt owed. OR Consolidate all debt into one payment plan.
  • Reduce payments by up to 65% of the total amount owed in some cases.
  • All payments go straight towards reducing your debt. Unlike debt counseling, our debt relief team receives nothing from credit companies in way of payment.
  • Flexible payment options. Some cases may be resolved as early as six months, but most cases are settled within two or four years. Compared to some other debt options, this is not much time at all. Debt counseling clients tend to need up to five years or longer for the program.
  • These programs last for a few years, and you can expect to be completely debt free within 10 to 15 years (in extreme cases) if all payment schedules are followed and continued.
  • Available to almost everyone. We will take just as much care of our clients who owe a few hundred dollars in payday loans as we would those facing foreclosure and\or thousands of dollars in credit card debt.
  • Unlike credit counseling, debt relief programs have a small short-term negative affect on credit scores. Once the debt is paid, the credit score may then begin to be repaired.
  • The interest rates of consolidation loans often have lower interest rates than the original debts.
  • Debt negotiation is a great alternative to bankruptcy.


  • If you cannot make the regular payments in full, you may end up owing just as much (or more) in the end. Making these payments on time and in full is integral to decreasing your debt. You are transferring your debt from one source to another, so if you cannot make payments, you are back to square one.
  • You are paying the debt relief company, one way or the other. In most cases, you are still ahead of the game by the end because the amount you owe is lowered considerably.
  • Secured loans (of any kind, including debt consolidation loans) require you to put down an asset, like a car or home or business. This is only a con if you end up not making your payments.
  • Debt negotiation is available only to those facing financial hardships– meaning something has happened to where the client can no longer make the same payments or pay the full amount over time. This can include divorce, death of a partner, loss of job, disability, and other events which heavily affect one’s ability to make payments.
  • You may still be called by creditors, and you cannot use your credit cards (he ones being negotiated) for some time.

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