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With over 12 years of experience in debt relief, we'll provide you with a better understanding of your business and unique solutions to catalyze growth and better manage cash flow.

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What would you do for your business if you had thousands of dollars leftover at the end of the month instead of having to sink all that capital into loans, barely paying down the principal?

What we do


Our specialists will listen and gain a complete understanding of your business's unique debt situation. Based on this information, we will create a debt restructuring plan to deal with your specific needs and those of your business. Our clients are like our family, they always come first.


By using a proven proprietary debt restructuring system alongside our bulk settlement process, we are able to provide you with significant relief on your business debt. This allows you to focus on improving your business's cash flow without the constant burden of high interest and daily payments.


Unlike bankruptcy, our debt restructuring program is less impactful on your business's credit and it does not impact your personal credit negatively in the majority of cases. This is a great solution for businesses and corporations that don't want to file bankruptcy.


See what our clients are saying...

"Every month was a struggle just to keep up with all my business credit card & merchant cash advance payments. I felt like I would never get my payments caught up once I got behind. I began looking for a company who could help me get out from under my debt. It wasn't long that I came across Decision One Debt Relief. They were not only courteous and professional; they were also very knowledgeable about the entire debt restructuring process. If I ever have any questions, they are always more than happy to answer them."



"I was paying on my corporate credit cards & vendor debt month after month and it seemed like the balances were barely going down. I realized at this pace I might never get my corporate credit cards paid off. I needed a solution to my unmanageable debt and I needed it fast. I searched online and came across Decision One. I'm glad I did because I am now enrolled in their debt restructuring program and not struggling anymore financially and they have improved my business cash flow exponentially. Thanks Decision One"



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